Cherie Marchbanks – Piano


Cherie-Piano-Grace NoteAfter receiving an upright piano from her great-grandmother, Cherie began playing at eight years old. Taking inspiration from the church musicians that she had grown up listening to, she began to create and pick out tunes. Her parents noticed her ear for music and immediately enrolled her in private lessons. Cherie grew and strengthened her skills, which came in very handy one day when the church accompanist became ill and Cherie was asked to fill her shoes. From then on, she has remained working as the church accompanist as well as becoming the music director. She is responsible for selecting, coordinating, and performing pieces for various camps, events, and conferences.

Aside from running all musical aspects for the church, Cherie’s favorite pastime is gathering to improvise and practice with fellow musicians. She regularly plays and studies a wide variety of complex hymns and contemporary gospel. “Music has always been apart of me.” She’s appreciative to have always had the piano in her life and credits much of what she’s influenced by to all the musicians who’ve helped her along the way. By teaching fundamental music theory, scale exercises, and chords, she hopes to build a foundation for her students to grow and learn from. Cherie’s goals are to impart lasting knowledge to her students while building relationships so that she may have the same influence on growing musicians that impacted her so deeply when she was learning.

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