Grace Note Music Studio 2015 Summer Recital

Recitals are an important part of the music education process. Here at Grace Note we conduct quarterly recitals. We feel that it is important for several reasons; it gives the students short term goals to work towards, it helps them gain the confidence to perform in public, and it is a great way to gauge the progress of our students.

Our Summer recital held on July 11, 2015 at the Arts Consortium went off without a hitch! There were 31 outstanding performances by 26 of our students who worked so hard preparing for this event. There were many piano, guitar, violin, and vocal performances, as well as one ukulele. All performances can be viewed on our YouTube channel Grace Note Music Studio.

We would like to thank our students for their hard work, our student’s friends and family for their support, and last but not least, the Arts Consortium for allowing us to use their facility.

Students at Grace Note Music Studio's Summer Recital

Here are some of our students who performed for our summer recital!